Show Rules

  • Side check is optional to use, but no over check or martingale is allowed
  • Horses must be driven with Liverpool or similar style bit
  • Must be even weight shoes. A single pad and/or double shoe is allowed
  • Horses manes must be braided
  • Buggy must be 4 wheeled viceroy or similar vehicle
  • Drivers, handlers, and headers must be neatly dressed and it is recommended that driver wear a hat
  • Horses to come in the ring clockwise, one at a time, make one round and line up. Judge will do conformation and tack inspection. Horses will then show at the trot, 2x to the right, reverse and go the left until the judge calls in to the lineup, in order of placement. A workout of the top horses may be requested by the judge to determine final placing
  • Judge can excuse any horse from the class if they do not abide by the rules
  • Judges will be selected by the committee, from a group of qualified personnel
  • Any official KWPN judge will be allowed to judge in this association
  • Points will be awarded to each horse based on their placing. In future seasons we hope to show horses in classes based on points accumulated instead of gender and age
  • Points will be awarded on this basis:1st=10 points 2nd=8 points 3rd=6 points 4th=4 points 5th=2 points. Points will be awarded and recorded by the association
  • The horses must be registered with KWPN or ADHHA
  • If you wish to show a horse with different or unknown pedigree the horses can be presented to the judges. If they are accepted by the judges based on association standards they will be admitted into the association and therefore are eligible to participate

The horses will be judged by the following standards:

  • Horses must be a minimum height of 15.2 hands
  • Has a rectangular-shaped body that is long-lined and well-proportioned
  • Trots with suppleness, impulsion, balance and self-carriage
  • Has great suspension and a hindleg that steps actively under the body
  • An elevated forehand and good self-carriage
  • Is light-footed and has articulation of the joints, allowing the hind legs to step under the body enabling the foreleg to extend far from the shoulder with great elevation of the knees
  • A cooperative, keen, and honest temperament, with an eagerness to perform


  • Junior mares: This class is for 3 and 4 year old mares
  • Open mares: This class is for mares of any age
  • Junior stallions/geldings: This class is for 3 and 4 year old stallions and geldings
  • Open stallions/geldings: This class is for stallions and geldings of any age
  • Honor Class: This class is open to mares, stallions and geldings of any age. Licensed and approved stallions must show in this class

Additional class options:

  • In hand: Horse to be shown in white bridle or halter. Horses will enter one at a time. They will stand in front of the judges to be judged on conformation, then the horses will walk to the rail and back to the judges. Then the horses will make two clockwise laps around the ring at the trot. After making two laps the horse will exit the ring. After the last horse is presented all the horses will enter the ring at the same time, they will walk clockwise and await placing. One whip person allowed per entry. No bag whips allowed. Horses will be judged according to the standards listed above
  • Pair class: In addition to standards listed above the entry will also be judged on ability of the driver and horses ability to work together. Horses to be show on safe and appropriate four wheeled carriage
  • Tandem class: In addition to standards listed above the entry will also be judged on ability of the driver and horses ability to work together. Horses to be shown on safe and appropriate four wheeled carriage or two wheeled gig
  • Young riders class: Horses to be judged by standards listed above. This class is for drivers under the age of 21. In this class and adult is allowed to ride with the driver but is not required to


  • A year end championship will be held at the end of the show season
  • In order to qualify to show at year end championships the horse must have shown in at least one class that season prior to the championship
  • The horse with the most points accumulated during the season will also be recognized at the championships